I Am Writing Mad

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You cannot convince me that Trump is a good person. Today on the news he stopped negotiations on a stimulus package that was intended to help the American people survive during this pandemic. To me this is so cruel and it caused me to be so upset that I am — Writing Mad!!!!!!!

Excuse me if I swear but what the….. hell, why? He claims that a great package will happen once he is elected. Sorry, hostage taking will not work! I am afraid that the more he knows he is losing that the crazier he will get, not that he is not crazy enough already. I was a little sympathetic that he caught the virus but now, I am just angry, pissed off, you name it — Writing Mad!!!!!!!

My first thought was that the steriods are affecting his judgment in a bad way. Steroids are known to have horrible side affects like mood swings, mania, and psychosis. With him it’s hard to tell because it is well known in the White House that if he does not get his way, he melts down into angry outbursts. Excuse me, what? And, this guy has the nuclear codes and is in charge of a entire country!

It seems to me that the entire Republican GOP are afraid of this guy. Whatever happened to country over party? No wonder Republican’s for Biden are campaigning against Trump. In my mind, Biden will win, and save America. Biden believes in science and will pull them out of the pandemic with the best vaccine available today which is simply: mask wearing, social distancing, and hand hygience. Something that Trump who ironically is infected should have been pushing to the American people all along.

When I heard Trump say “I’ve learned a lot about covid” then take a joyride while still infected around Walter Reed to wave to his Proud Boy fan and others I was so…. fuming mad — because, in order to do this he actually endangered his Secret Service agents. What the hell is going on with this guy?

The next day he got released and you would have thought after his stunt ride the fun and games would have stopped. Oh no, he had to arrive back to the White House by Helicopter in grand style. Again, he risked the lives of others by taking off his mask while still infected to get a photo-op standing at attention on his balcony saluting to a departing helicopter. His photographer and others were close to the unmasked President on that balcony. I guess now they all have to self-isolate as they have been exposed to the virus. All this — for his — great Mussolini moment.

Trump’s White House if you have been following the news is a Corona Virus petri-dish with many West Wing top aides and advisers now positive with the virus. It is kinda weird how their great king may now not have very many subjects left under him if this keeps up. You would think that Trump would want to push masks after contracting the virus, even after needing experimental drugs and steroids. But, oh no — not him. And you might wonder why, I am still Writing Mad!!!!!!!

I will have to write something happy and fun soon to just calm myself down. Maybe, turn off American news for awhile and just be so…. grateful to be Canadian and observing all this from afar — so glad that our borders are still closed. The pandemic is bad here in Canada too but not like the so called greatest country in the world.

I would just like to mention that I pray for my American cousins. I pray for the soul of their nation. Biden will do a lot to bring peace to their country. He will put a moral compass and good faith into Congress. He will try to unite the country. Biden and Harris working together are a great team. They know what they are doing and will turn this whole thing around. It will take them time to fix the mess over in America but they will eventually. Most importantly they will do everything they can to beat the virus into submission using science and common sense. Something that is missing in America right now.

Now that I have relaxed and calmed down I think I will again just be able to write. The great thing about writing is as you know, you can get the emotions out. That is what I love about writing. The great news is — in order to do it — you don’t have to be — Writing Mad!!!!!!!



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Gladys R. Bates

The author of Lisa’s Story. A true story. I wrote Lisa’s Story to save lives. To raise awareness about Addison’s Disease.